FAQ Photography Service Q&A’s

Q – What is the best way to contact you?

Using my contact form for the initial enquiry is best. I am often busy during the day and unable to answer my phone. By using my contact form your email will reach me immediately and you can go into detail about your event. Most of my bookings are done this way.

Q – How long until I receive my photos?

After a shoot your photos are my immediate priority and I work on them whenever I can. I aim for a turnaround on 2-5 weeks. Please keep in mind if printed media is requested like photobooks or prints, this may extend the waiting time slightly. I always keep you informed on progress so you know exactly what’s going on.

Q – How do I receive the photos?

I provide all the photos on a USB Flash drive for you to keep. All the images are full resolution and all have been edited. Once they are ready I usually send them to the address of your choice. If I am in the area, I can deliver them myself.

Q – Could you please explain what kind of edits you do to the photos?

This depends on the type of photography as some require additional work but the basis on all photos is the same. I do a sizable amount of editing to every photo that I deliver to my clients. Every photo has colour and white balance adjustment and brightness adjusted accordingly.

If it is needed, I apply cropping to a photo to draw attention to the appropriate subject. Additionally if I feel a photo benefits from it I go in depth with colour toning . On top of that I drop a healthy dose of my secret Pass The Salt editing techniques.

Sometimes one photo may have two or three different versions because I cannot decide which one I love the most, so I leave the decision in your hands. Please note every photo comes with the natural colour version if it has been additionally edited.

Q – I am a little self-conscious about my figure, could you please edit me?

Quick simple answer: I prefer the to let your natural beauty shine through so no I don’t do photo edits of this kind. Read the long answer to find out my reasoning.

If you hear me out, allow me to explain the reasoning behind my answer. I have heard this question many times and I perfectly understand where you are coming from. Being very self-conscious for most of my life, I know how these thoughts can play on our minds.

In the instance of a bride, these feelings may have plagued you all the time since saying “Yes!” and the worry of your figure can plague the magical journey of planning your big day with your partner. The truth is, your partner proposed to you the way you are. Not the heavily retouched model bride on my photos.

If the photos I deliver show you as a fraction of your true self, I feel I have let you down. That I have lied to your Partner who loves you the way you are and lastly to the essence of wedding photography. I am there to capture that amazing day and moment in your lives.

I want you to look back at those photos with pride, knowing that the couple on the day were their actual selves, not flawless models in a wedding catalogue. If you have a troublesome blemish or pimple that showed up at the worst time, of course I can hide it. Other than that, I prefer to let the beauty shine true.

Q – Who has Copyright of the images you take?

As author of the images I still retain full copyright of them. As the paying customer you receive a home, non-commercial license to share online, print and do everything else you would do with your images. However if you submit any photo to a publication you need to credit me as the image creator.

Have a question I didn’t answer?

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