No Photo Left Behind

Complete Photo Editing

One of the philosophies I follow in my work is: When a photo is taken, it is only half done. The camera has captured that moment as best it could in the situation. Now it is up to me to polish away the dust of creating that image and making it really shine.

Unedited = Unfinished

One thing I could never do in my service is deliver my clients an unedited photo. I feel it’s like a baker delivering a birthday cake without baking it or a builder handing you a pile of lumber and saying “here’s your house”. I think you get the picture. I just do not feel the product is finished and can’t be treated as such.

No Capped Edits

Nor would I ever have a capped amount of images I edit in a set. I can’t bear the thought of giving you 10 beautiful images and 200 plain images straight off the camera. The reason you hired me is to get the best images possible of your event. Doing the aforementioned is not giving you that. That is why I take the time to go over every photo to ensure you only get the best.

I want my i mages to show how you remembered the event through your eyes; full of life, vibrant and popping with colour. Even the best camera needs some help to give the best results.

My Photo Editing Process

Select The Best Pictures

First order is to go over the set of images and weed out all the bad eggs. Even professional photographers get bad photos, it’s a given. We are snapping constantly and not everything in our viewfinder will be the way they should be. It’s a fact of life and that’s what makes life amazing, not a movie. Sometimes these pictures can turn out to be a hilarious or great candid shot but often enough they’re either awkward, blurry or just show the sky. All these photos will never see the light of day as they get deleted.

Make Adjustments + Apply Effects

With those sorted I then pull out my feather duster and apron and get up close and personal with the winning photos. Each photo gets brightness adjustment, contrast and white colour balance amongst a raft of other edits. I crop and straighten the image to ensure the main focal point is clear to see and brush over anything that I’d like to pop.

My Signature Editing Style

If there is a photo I feel would benefit from it, I go into my heavy colour toning edits (Think sepia or monochrome but better) and apply my signature style on top. I often make a number of versions of the same photo if I can’t decide which I like the most. You will receive all these versions along with the full colour one. There is no set limit to these edits, they all depend on the tone of the photo when it was captured. A typical wedding collection will have a number of these super edited shots.


If I’m doing a pinup shoot I will go over the models face, smoothen up anything and brighten teeth. I only do these on this style of shoot as it is more of a fasion shot not true to life. The edits are still realistic and stay true to the subjects natural beauty. I just accentuate it like one I would do with makeup


Nitty Gritty

To avoid any confusion and disappointment on delivery please note: I do not make any heavy edits to make anyone appear thinner or fix anything you don’t think is perfect etc. I won’t do facial contouring or apply makeup in post-production or anything that wasn’t there in the shoot. I am an event photographer and stay true to life. Life is not as perfect as a magazine cover and I would not want it to be. You are who you are and I want to capture YOU! Life is great, so let’s eat cake.(Don’t worry, it’s been properly baked and has lots of sprinkles!)

Editing For All Photography Packages

Every photography package you purchase from me gets this service, from the shortest base price package to the biggest wedding package. It’s a little thing I like to call the Pass The Salt difference.

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