Pay for your Photography with Bitcoin.

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I announce Pass The Photography now accepts Bitcoin and other forms of Cryptocurrency as a form of payment for photography.

Alongside traditional methods of payment like cash or bank transfer, you can now pay for your photography with Bitcoin.

As an added bonus, any payments made with Bitcoin are eligible for a 10% discount on the total price.

Other accepted currencies are Ethereum, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies.

If you are holding Bitcoin or other coins then consider paying for your photography with them instead of standard forms of credit.

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auckland photographer now accepting payment in bitcoin.

Bringing Photography to the Modern Age.

With the ever-growing popularity and adoption of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and Ethereum in modern society, it only makes sense to join the movement and offer it as a form of payment to my clients.

My research shows I am one of the first (or the very first) photographer(s) in New Zealand to offer Bitcoin as a form of payment.

I can just see the newsboys on the streets yelling:

“Extra, extra, read all about it. First-ever Auckland photographer accepts Bitcoin!”

Okay okay, it’s not that groundbreaking to warrant time-travelling paper boys to appear in the 21st Century, but it’s still exciting. 

It is an undeniable fact that Cryptocurrencies will be the standard payment medium as the world turns ever more digital and I am proud to be an early adopter of Bitcoin as a method of payment for photographic services.

So now instead of taking the time to stop at an ATM or tediously typing in bank account numbers and checking them thrice to ensure you’re paying the right person, you can simply copy and paste my Bitcoin Wallet Address and press send.

It can’t get any easier! 

Advantages of Paying In Bitcoin

Besides the 10% discount and ease of use, the other advantages of paying for your photography with Bitcoin is the ever-growing value of the coin and others.

If you are already hodling (internet speak for holding Cryptocurrencies) Bitcoin or Ethereum and purchased at a low point, chances are you’ll be saving money by paying with your cryptocurrency because the value of your coins has risen.

If you have been hodling your coins for a long time, chances are you won’t be paying a single cent as the gains of your coins will cover the price of your photography booking.


Think of it this way.

Imagine you earned one hundred dollars this time last year.

Fast forward a year.

What’s the value of that one hundred dollars?

It’s still one hundred dollars.

Now with cryptocurrency it’s different.

With time your few pennies in Bitcoin will grow into dollars.
Since it’s a digital currency and only has a certain amount of coins (a bank won’t print out more coins like traditional money), it’s price fluctuates depending on the demand and how much coins are in current circulation.

Fluctuating aside, in the long term, the value always goes up.

Bitcoin was a couple hundred dollars last year, now it’s over $10,000 per coin.

So if you purchased $100 worth of Bitcoin this time last year, that amount of Bitcoin is now worth double that or more.

That increase in value is what you can use to pay for my photographic services.

Now with your traditional $100 dollar bill that won’t be the case.

See the advantages here?

I bet you didn’t think you could have a professional photographer cover your event for free!

If your paying with your percentages, then yes. 

You lose no money by hiring me.

It makes perfect cents to hire a Bitcoin-accepting photographer.

I’ll address more advantages of paying for photography with cryptocurrenceis further along in this article.

Pay for your photographer with Bitcoin

“Okay, it sounds great. How do I pay you in Bitcoin?

If you already have Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies you will probably know the answer to this but I’ll explain to anyone that is still new to Bitcoin.

Firstly the amount you send is the current equalivent to whatever package you hired me for.

Say it’s $500.

Then you will simply pay me the Bitcoin equalivent of $500. 

Paying with Bitcoin is very similar to a standard bank transfer.

Just much simpler.

I send you my Bitcoin (or whichever coin you would like to pay with) wallet address, this is, in essence, my bank account.

You copy that address into your wallet that contains the Bitcoin and simply click send.

The paid amount will then make it’s way into my wallet thanks to the magic of the internet and you’ll have paid for your photography with Bitcoin.

I can provide a screenshot of the transaction appearing in my wallet just like a invoice if you like as well.

It’s this ease of use and convience that makes me so happy to be a Bitcoin accepting service and photographer.

Right now it’s still relatively in the shadows however in a few years time this article will be viewed with hilarity as everyone will be paying for their photography with Bitcoin and other coins.

There could even be a PhotoCoin, a coin dedicated to just photography. 

If that one ever comes into play, you can be sure I’ll be accepting it!

While not a physical coin, Bitcoin is still a very valid form of paying for photography

Why Am I Accepting Bitcoin as Payment For Photography?

I always had a thing for technology, for gadgetry and funky-new gizmos ever since I was a kid.

As much as I appreciated things of old and the simple way they got things done, it’s the seemingly magical powers of electronics that always held a reverent hold over me.

Digital photography has that power over me and I experience it every time I capture an image that is seemingly impossible but my little LCD screen on my Canon tells me otherwise.

Apart from trying to stay ahead of the curve and offer more to my loyal clients, it’s this appreciation of technology that made accepting Bitcoin as payment a natural step.

One thing that really gets me excited about adopting Bitcoin as a form of payment is it’s a truly global currency.

No longer will we need to worry about exchange rates, bank fees and delays if trying to pay things in other countries.

I have had clients that either had weddings in foreign countries or didn’t have money in New Zealand banks yet because they were new citizens.

They had to fuss with foreign exchanges and the likes in order to pay me and the other services they had.

With Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, they won’t have to worry as borders and exchange rates don’t exist in that world.

I can receive a payment of Bitcoins from France with no problems.

This is also very handy when I sell prints of my images.

People from all over the world can buy prints or licensed photo files from my collection with a simple and fast transaction via the blockchain network that runs cryptocurrencies.

No more waiting for days for the money to clear and the hassle of “up to 5 working days.”

Bitcoin and its fellow coins are truly the way of the future and it will make life as we know it a whole lot better.

As a New Zealand photographer, I am proud to be part of it and helping in my small way to ease its adoption into every household.

Bitcoin makes paying for your photography anywhere in the world easy.

“I don’t have any Bitcoin but would love to start, how do I get ahold of some?”


I know there will be some of you that will be very interested in Bitcoin, I bet you have heard of it but have never taken the plunge.

Don’t worry, while the Bitcoin train is rapidly gaining momentum, you still have time to get onboard before it heads to the stars.

The first and foremost thing on your mind is:

“where do I even get Bitcoin?”

The answer to that is an exchange.

They sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in exchange for regular money.

There are plenty to choose from but one I personally recommend and one that offers coverage in New Zealand is Cex.IO.

Here is a link to their website. 

You simply register and follow their instructions on how to get your credit card (it can be a debit card as well) approved.

Once that is done you can buy as much Bitcoin as your heart and wallet desires!

When you purchased Bitcoin you can then choose to either hold it in their exchange or send it to a wallet.

A wallet can either be a physical device that resembles a flash drive or you can get virtual wallets that live on your desktop.

A wallet like Exodus on your desktop is more than enough to keep your coins secure and it allows you to send those Bitcoins to others like certain photographers accepting Bitcoin.

This short overview won’t be complete without mentioning that while your Bitcoin sits in your wallet it is likely to go up in value with time as I previously mentioned.

So it’s no time like the present to jump aboard.

While this is a brief tutorial, it should help you on your way. 

The internet is chock to the brim with tutorials and help that will fill in the blanks if you get stuck.

In Conclusion

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are steadily working their way into our lives are the default form of payment for goods and services.

With quick transaction times that are immune to global borders and ease of use, they will be the new era of money as we know it. 

I am joining the ever-growing number of businesses that accept Bitcoin as one of the first New Zealand photographers to accept Bitcoin.

While Bitcoin has been around for nearly ten years, only in recent times has it truly gained the attention it deserves as a legitimate and versatile payment option and I hope my introduction of it as a form of payment will help in a small way towards mass-adoption.

If you are interested in my services then feel free to contact me or check out my newly revised Bitcoin-accepting Price-List. 

Happy Hodling!

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